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Introducing our groundbreaking tools for analysing and monitoring cyber threats to your business: Telescope and Ransom SpAI

Telescope - self-assessment IT security audit

Telescope is a SaaS system that serves as a virtual company manager in the area of cybersecurity management and a virtual auditor, available 24/7. With its help, you will efficiently and independently conduct an IT security audit and secure key areas of the company's operations in the automotive area. You will check compliance with TISAX, NIS 2, ISO 27001 requirements, thanks to which you will be able to assess the organization's cybersecurity maturity and identify areas requiring improvement.

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 What you need to know about Telescope?
  • Independently analyses the effectiveness of practices and controls in the area of cyber security management in the company.
  • Ensures that the organisation has access to a continuous audit process.
  • Guarantees an independent assessment of the level of IT security required by formal and legal regulations.
  • Fully automated, safe and objective.
  • Recommends ready proposals for improvement of processes and operations when irregularities are detected.

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New solution

Ransom SpAI - prevent zero-day ransomware attacks

An innovative system for protection against ZERO-day ransomware based on artificial intelligence. Detects unauthorized mass file encryption by malware. AI models recognize the user's individual work profile and distinguish intentional file actions from ransomware.

 What you need to know about Ransom SpAI
  • it's next-generation Ransomware Defense,
  • its operation does not burden the system,
  • provides continuous surveillance,
  • advanced detection capabilities of artificial intelligence trained on a wide range of attack data offers centralized control via the Telescope

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