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Free your company from a threat of a cyberattack. Do not let the cybercriminals target your company. Today, with our help, ensure the IT safety and secure the operational continuity of your organization!

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Is your company cyber secured?

According to the latest data, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting medium and large companies with complex organisational structures. Every successful attack against such companies means huge losses in: money, data and image!

Main cyberattacks methods:



42% - employee’s mistake

Phishing is the second most popular form of cyberattacks. How probable it is to succeed depends on how well the employees are trained.

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77% - data leaks

It is estimated that most cyberattacks are discovered after more than 200 days, while RODO requires the notification in 72 hours.

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62% - sabotage or ransomware

Have you ever thought of what would happen if a hacker had encrypted all of the company’s data?

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Use our proprietary, innovative cyber security solutions

Introducing our groundbreaking tools for analysing and monitoring cyber threats to your business: Telescope and CyberStudio.



It is a system that acts as a virtual manager of the company in the area of cybersecurity management, as well as a virtual auditor, available 24/7. With its help, you can efficiently and independently (without the need for extensive knowledge in this field) carry out an IT security audit and secure key areas of the company's operations.
What you need to know about Telescope?


  • Independently analyses the effectiveness of practices and controls in the area of cyber security management in the company.
  • Ensures that the organisation has access to a continuous audit process.
  • Guarantees an independent assessment of the level of IT security required by formal and legal regulations.
  • Fully automated, safe and objective.
  • Recommends ready proposals for improvement of processes and operations when irregularities are detected.



It is an advanced system that automates the process of detecting and removing threats in the area of technological security. It also takes actions necessary for the efficient elimination of the already detected danger.

What you need to know about CyberStudio?

  • Automates the vulnerability management process through continuous monitoring of key areas.
  • Automatically monitors and reports on performance indicators for cyber security management processes.
  • Provides information on the latest attacks targeting the organisation's employees and neutralises them.
  • Minimises the risk of employee accounts being compromised, and thus, unauthorised access to sensitive data.
  • Provides IT administrators with information on exposed sets of data leaks that have included employee logins.
  • Verifies and proposes improvements to practices for generating and maintaining usable backup copies.
  • Generates reports which summarise the most relevant information on the number and severity of vulnerabilities in the company's IT environment.


There are no unbreachable solutions. That is why we will provide you with a cyberattacks insurance!


Is Sagenso system for you? If you:

• run a successful company,
• work as IT manager,
• handle sensitive data,

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