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Our mission

We live in a time when much of our everyday life has been moved online. The same is true of crime. Many companies have not prepared themselves sufficiently for abuse by cybercriminals. Due to low level of IT security, companies are struggling with data encryption, ransom demands, cash theft and other problems. This causes a huge amount of stress and shattered nerves.

We take this upon ourselves! We provide the highest level of IT security, so you can run your business peacefully.




1. The safety of the end user's data (including our clients' customers) is of the highest priority for us.

2. We work to make our clients feel comfortable and secure in their business.

3. Our main competition is Black Hat hackers, they are the ones we monitor the most.

4. At Sagenso we use all the recommendations and technologies we advise and implement for our clients.


one step ahead

Advanced threat prediction system for IT environments.

Management team:

antoni omondi sagenso

Antoni Omondi, Co-Founder

Antoni Omondi is a businessman with over 10 years of experience in the new technologies segment of the IT industry. Since 2013 he had been working for KPMG clients on projects from a number of fields: banking, finance, insurance and FMGC. On top of that, as an independent consultant, he had implemented the GDPR regulations in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia.

At Sagenso, his role is a coordination of fiscal plans implementation and sales and marketing activities.

Bartosz Kozłowski-min

Bartosz Kozłowski, Co-Founder

Bartosz had been a project leader in the advisory services department of KPMG since 2011. The projects included effective security management, auditing of ICT environments, computer forensics, and penetration testing. He also provided proper IT security level for companies having a high demand for IT services availability and who were exposed to a significant amount of technological threats.

At Sagenso, his role is the development of each system functionality.

Our consultants:

Aleksandra Byrka

Investor (LT Capital) & member of the supervisory board

Łukasz Kulicki

Legal advisor & member of the supervisory board





Dr Tomasz Krawczyk

R&D projects coordinator

Why should you trust us?

We have got many years of experience in the new technologies and IT services security fields. We keep improving thanks to our ingenious team and strong partners:


Implemented security solutions assessment

We encourage you to try us and our knowledge out, without any obligations and risk-free. We will verify your company’s currently implemented solutions and procedures for free.