Filling in the role of your
external IT security consultant

What do you get?

The benefit of cybersecurity solutions designed to fit medium and small businesses.

Risk level assessment

Information about the current level of security and recommendations – our specialists will help guide your business through the improvements implementation process.


Sagenso Academy

By starting with the most basic, but reliable steps, like data security trainings, you gain confidence in your employees’ ability to make sure the IT services are secure.

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Comprehensive insurance

You will also be covered by insurance, helping you cover the expenses resulting from RODO fines, legal proceedings or loss of revenue.


Contact Centre

We will aid you with instant support in case of cyberattacks by initiating adequate procedures of critical response.



Implemented security solutions assessment

We encourage you to try us and our knowledge out, without any obligations and risk-free. We will verify your company’s currently implemented solutions and procedures for free.