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Effectively protect your company from cyberthreats

Benefit from an advanced system that monitors, detects and removes cyber threats around the clock.

cyberstudio monitoring 24/7 cyber threats

Why do you need to implement a CyberStudio system in your company?

Almost 70% of Polish businesses fall victim to a cyber attack every year, regardless of size or industry. Don't let your company join this group. The acquisition of company data by hackers can result in a number of unpleasant consequences: interruption of business operational continuity, financial losses resulting from business downtime, high GDPR penalties, lost business opportunities, image problems....

That is why, in this day and age, comprehensive IT security is proving necessary. This is not easy, especially when there is a shortage of cyber security specialists on the market or the company cannot afford to hire such a full-time employee. That is why we have developed our proprietary CyberStudio system.

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Who have we developed the Cyberstudio system for?

Cybersecurity monitoring IT

for executives in companies and institutions

Cybersecurity monitoring IT

for supervisory board members in business organisations

Cybersecurity monitoring IT

for chief operating officers, chief financial officers and directors of HR

Cybersecurity monitoring IT

for IT managers and specialists in companies and institutions

What is the CyberStudio system?

CyberStudio is an advanced system that automates the process of detecting and remediating cyber threats. It acts as a virtual cyber security specialist. By monitoring the status of IT services and devices in the infrastructure around the clock, it quickly and efficiently identifies any potentially dangerous incidents. It then takes a series of actions tailored to the type and scale of the threat. With CyberStudio, you can rest assured that your company will be effectively protected against the actions of cyber criminals.

Do you want to secure your company as soon as possible?

CyberStudio 24/7 monitoring bezpieczeństwa IT

What benefits will the CyberStudio system bring to your business?

1. Automation of the process of detecting and removing cyberthreats

Your business will be monitored by an automated process, implemented on two levels. The first will focus on the constant scanning of your IT infrastructure, which will identify hosts with unverified security levels and thus determine an initial risk profile. The second tier, in turn, will enable detailed technological identification, analysis of service configurations or verification of compliance with standards. The system will then propose the best way to remove the detected threat. Your organisation will remain protected around the clock, and you will learn about incidents as quickly as possible.

2. RiskComposer module

CyberStudio will provide a continuous analysis of every aspect of security in your company, using the correlation of operational, process and technological events. Based on the results, it will enable your company to provide comprehensive cyber protection.

3. Personal computer protection

The CyberStudio system has been integrated with the CERT, NASK N6 and MISP platforms. As a result, it has access to the latest information on cyber attacks targeting your staff. What about the situation when an employee performing duties remotely - and therefore using equipment outside the internal network environment - inadvertently clicks on a link directing to a dangerous website? We have also prepared for this eventuality. We install a special component in the operating system, which, at the time of danger, stops communication and prevents the computer from being infected. Your company data will remain safe.

4. Identifying Insider Threats

This refers to any situation in which a user of your company's IT systems becomes a threat - intentionally or not. For example, a particular account will be taken over and used to gain key company data. The CyberStudio system analyses user account activity in terms of, among other things: number of active sessions per login, types and sources of active session, activity on files and folders, device metadata, geo-location. It will quickly catch any inconsistency indicating the activity of an intruder and thus respond rapidly.

5. PasswordLeaks functionality

Your company's IT administrators will be provided with a tool that identifies all potential scripts with credentials written in the clear. You will gain constant oversight of security measures for privileged accounts and data processes whose failure could disrupt the operational continuity of IT services. In addition, if your employees' logins leak into the network, the CyberStudio system will inform you. This will reduce the risk of employee accounts being hijacked and therefore unauthorised access to company resources.

6. Effective security backup management

Regular backups with key data are one of the cornerstones of any organisation's security. The CyberStudio system will verify how you generate and store usable backups. If necessary, it will suggest necessary improvements. And that's not all. As part of technology monitoring, it will check that new archives are being created as required and planned.

7. Task Management module

CyberStudio will provide a module that will maintain continuity in the technology vulnerability management process by automating the routine activities required to ensure your company's cyber security. Task Management will ensure that the IT infrastructure is properly maintained and that the necessary technological improvements are made. At the same time, it will check that the operational activities carried out are in line with established practices. In the event of any irregularities, it will increase the scope of observation to more people in the organisation, and provide clear and comprehensible information on what steps are worth taking.

8. Affordable reporting

The CyberStudio system will produce an easy-to-understand report on your company's cyber security at a time of your choosing. This will include all relevant information on the number and scale of vulnerabilities in your IT environment, the risk profile of the most at-risk hosts or the time taken to implement improvements. This will keep you constantly on the pulse. You will gain up-to-date knowledge of the level of technological security or potential threats, making it easier to ensure optimal protection.

9. Access to management information

The CyberStudio system will automatically monitor and report on process performance indicators in the area of cyber security management. It will check factors such as, for example: the status of high-priority threats; the efficiency of task execution; the status of security copies, the efficiency of the process of removing technological threats. You only need to adjust the parameters once according to your business characteristics to have constant access to information on whether all controls remain effective. And you absolutely do not need to be an IT security expert to understand whether your company is well protected.

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Antoni Omondi Sagenso

Antoni Omondi

experienced information security auditor


Coordinator of nearly 20 projects in the IT, software and technology area, including R&D, which have been successfully commercialised. Solutions and good practices from the corporate area of KPMG (2013-2019) successfully transferred to startups and companies from different sectors of the economy. Drawing on his experience in the areas of IT audits, security, IT system integrity and GDPR, he acts as a business consultant for companies and public institutions. Currently, as CEO, he is at the head of Sagenso, a dynamically growing cyber security company, which is winning more awards and recognitions, among others within the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, which is directly linked to the world's best technology university - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bartosz Kozłowski

cyber security expert


Responsible for setting up and running the cyber security department at LOT Polish Airlines (2016 - 2019), as well as numerous IT security management projects within KPMG for, among others, banks and insurance companies (2010-2016). Currently, he is a information and communication technologies security consultant for business (audits, computer forensics, penetration testing, risk management) and Chief Security Officer at Sagenso, a dynamically growing cyber security company that has already won recognition from partners such as NCBR, PAIH, PARP, SAMSUNG and MICROSOFT.

Bartosz Kozłowski-min

Sprawdź, co o nas mówią menedżerowie placówek medycznych

Dariusz Piaścik Sagenso

Dariusz Piaścik

cyber security consultant


Experienced consultant in the area of system solutions based on aggregation and processing of analytical and personal data for business clients and organisations from the medical sector. He has a technical background in information and communication technologies. He has worked, among others, for such companies and brands as ASARI, DocPlanner (ZnanyLekarz) and Polish Press Group. In his previous positions, he was responsible for the optimisation, configuration and customisation of solutions in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model for the target customer segment of CRM product solutions, online platforms and electronic media. Currently, he is an IT risk management consultant for business organisations and public institutions within the IT Security technology company Sagenso.