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Secure your company against cyber attacks

In 2021, as many as 77% of medium and large companies in Poland experienced a ransomware attack. The statistics are growing at an alarming rate - in 2020 it was only 13%.

8 out of 10 attacks result in the encryption of company data, causing the company to face high financial losses due to interruption of operational continuity, lost business opportunities, operating costs or damaged image.

To prevent this - we have prepared a solution in the form of insurance against cyber threats.

What does this insurance cover?

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Civil liability for data leakage or loss

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Defence costs and penalties in case of violation of privacy rights

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Cost of data restoration and profit lost by the Insured

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Examples of real damage

What costs does even temporary downtime cause to your business?

Frequently asked questions

Are you able to verify the level of IT security in my company?

Yes. We have our own auditing solutions, where the cost of such verification is 0 PLN and you can carry it out yourself!

I need a guarantee of support in the event of a cyber attack. Can you provide it?

Yes, we have our own specialists who will help you recover from a crisis situation and bring your infrastructure back to the way it was before the attack.

We have an IT department in your company, it deals with cyber security, how is this different from your business?

We hear this very often from our customers. However, the truth is that IT departments most often do not specialise in security, but in the correct maintenance of infrastructure. You are not in a position to pre-empt the risk of a cyber attack.

Does this policy cover the GDPR penalty in the event of administrative liability for privacy breaches?

Yes, the policy covers the costs of defence in such regulatory proceedings. It will also cover - subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance - the reimbursement of administrative penalties imposed.

We have encrypted company data (ransomware attack) and criminals demand a ransom, does the policy cover this?

Yes, the extortionate payment represents the Insured's own damage. An attempt will first be made to decrypt this data and, if unsuccessful, the policy will cover the ransom.

Can I expect compensation in the situation of a transfer to the wrong account (phishing)?

Yes, unfortunately this is an increasingly common practice, the policy will cover the compensation of the amount transferred to the wrong account.