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Taking care of automotive data security and operational continuity

Conduct a free cyber security audit yourself today, based on TISAX, NIS 2, ISO 27001 and the COBIT standard. The audit report is available immediately!

How does it work? Enter your e-mail address and you will receive a personal link to the audit!

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Do you know how much your company could lose from a cyberattack?

Use our ROI calculator, which shows the average size of losses due to an attack on IT infrastructure. Just enter the number of employees and you'll get real market numbers!

Why do you need to use our free self-audit?

Safety of  data in automotive industry, especially sensitive data, and attention to infrastructure health and regulatory compliance are two key elements of IT security. This is why they are the focus of most IT audits. However, in order for your company to be best prepared for a variety of scenarios, another very important element is needed: properly structured processes and procedures. Based on our knowledge of how to operate effectively in all these areas, we have developed a proprietary audit tool: Telescope.

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For who was the Telescope Audit created?

cybersecurity audit telescope

for executives in companies and institutions

cybersecurity audit telescope

supervisory board members in business organisations

cybersecurity audit telescope

Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers and directors of HR

cybersecurity audit telescope

for managers and IT specialists in companies and institutions

cybersecurity audit telescope

for Data Protection Officers

What is the Telescope security audit?

Telescope is our proprietary, innovative system for conducting an audit in the form of a survey. It allows you to carry out a self-assessment IT security audit in just 5-7 minutes (if you're an executive) or 30-40 minutes (if you're in the IT department) easily and without a vast amount of knowledge. And then you will target the areas that require immediate action. In this way, you will efficiently minimise the risk of threats and protect yourself from possible losses.

However, an independent audit does not mean that your company is left alone with this issue. Once the audit has been completed, you will discuss the results with our expert, who will show you the next steps to ensure the operational continuity of your company and its full protection against risks.

Sounds good?

audyt bezpieczeństwa it

How to conduct a free Telescope cyber security audit yourself?

It's very easy! All you need to do is enter your email address in the box at the top of the page and then follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Check your email inbox and receive an individual invitation to the free audit in the form of a link that we will send to the email address you provide.
  2. Click on the link, which will take you to the survey and answer a set of audit questions. The whole process will be continuously saved - so you can stop the survey at any time and return to it by clicking on the invitation link.
  3. Once the survey is complete, check your email inbox again and receive the audit results and our recommendations. Done!

Benefits for you

1. Easy, intuitive process

Worried that carrying out an audit yourself might be too difficult? Nothing further from the truth! The system will guide you through both the audit and the next steps. It will also provide you with a range of options related to involving other employees in safety activities, monitoring progress or implementing improvements.

2. Time-saving

You will conduct the audit at a time that is convenient for you. And if necessary, you can easily delegate specific areas to colleagues. You've started an audit, but suddenly you need to do something else? No problem. Thanks to the features available in the tool, you can interrupt the audit and resume it at any time.

3. Professional diagnosis straight away

The Telescope audit is based on ISO 27001 (the international standard for information security management systems) and the COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) standard. As soon as the audit is completed, a percentage score generated from your answers will appear in the system. In this way, you will be able to see at a glance what the situation is in the company. Without having to go into detail.

4. Full post-audit support

After the audit, you will have the opportunity to discuss the results in detail with our auditor in an online meeting or at your company. During the meeting, you will receive specific and free recommendations for further steps on the path to securing your company's operational continuity.

What makes Telescope different from a traditional audit?

Traditional audit

Telescope audit

Single analysis and assessment of IT systems performance, focused solely on securing the infrastructure
✔ Comprehensive tool that supports the integration of security auditing into standard company processes and procedures

Need to arrange an auditor's visit and schedule appointments

✔ Innovative self-service audit that can be carried out when it is convenient for you - at a time that is convenient for you and your colleagues

Waiting for the result of the audit and preparation of the report

Results and initial recommendations are available in the system immediately on completion of the audit

Cost between USD 1,000 and USD 4,000
No costs and access to a free consultation with the auditor


Conduct your own free IT security audit

Check out the capabilities of the innovative audit tool Telescope

About us

Meet our team

Antoni Omondi Sagenso

Antoni Omondi

experienced information security auditor


Coordinator of nearly 20 projects in the IT, software and technology area, including R&D, which have been successfully commercialised. Solutions and good practices from the corporate area of KPMG (2013-2019) successfully transferred to startups and companies from different sectors of the economy. Drawing on his experience in the areas of IT audits, security, IT system integrity and GDPR, he acts as a business consultant for companies and public institutions. Currently, as CEO, he is at the head of Sagenso, a dynamically growing cyber security company, which is winning more awards and recognitions, among others within the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, which is directly linked to the world's best technology university - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bartosz Kozłowski

cyber security expert


Responsible for setting up and running the cyber security department at LOT Polish Airlines (2016 - 2019), as well as numerous IT security management projects within KPMG for, among others, banks and insurance companies (2010-2016). Currently, he is a information and communication technologies security consultant for business (audits, computer forensics, penetration testing, risk management) and Chief Security Officer at Sagenso, a dynamically growing cyber security company that has already won recognition from partners such as NCBR, PAIH, PARP, SAMSUNG and MICROSOFT.

Bartosz Kozłowski-min

Sprawdź, co o nas mówią menedżerowie placówek medycznych

Dariusz Piaścik Sagenso

Dariusz Piaścik

cyber security consultant


Experienced consultant in the area of system solutions based on aggregation and processing of analytical and personal data for business clients and organisations from the medical sector. He has a technical background in information and communication technologies. He has worked, among others, for such companies and brands as ASARI, DocPlanner (ZnanyLekarz) and Polish Press Group. In his previous positions, he was responsible for the optimisation, configuration and customisation of solutions in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model for the target customer segment of CRM product solutions, online platforms and electronic media. Currently, he is an IT risk management consultant for business organisations and public institutions within the IT Security technology company Sagenso.