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How to calculate the risk of GDPR?

Find out how much a data breach would cost your company.

How high can the RODO penalties be?

When the EU's General Data Protection Regulation was introduced, every company had to comply with the changes when it came to processing personal data, lest they risk high financial losses.

What are the penalties for non-compliance, violation or breach of RODO? Each case is considered on a case-by-case basis, based on a variety of factors. Depending on the severity of the violation, companies can pay up to 2% or up to 4% of last year's total annual turnover. This is a very heavy financial burden. Don't forget that on top of that there are image problems, as well as loss of trust from customers, employees or business partners.


How often does the president of the DPA decide to fine a company? One company, Fortum Marketing and Sales Polska S.A., paid as much as one million euros. The reason was the failure to implement adequate measures to ensure the security of personal data, as well as the failure to verify the processor. The second highest RODO penalty in Poland, €660,000, was given to the online store Morele.net, where a major data leak occurred as a result of insufficient security measures. Telecommunications company Virgin Mobile Poland, on the other hand, had to pay 443 thousand euros when an audit was initiated after the leak of personal data of prepaid service subscribers.

Want to find out what financial losses your company would incur for not complying with RODO rules?

Use the GDPR calculator

Why do you need to use the GDPR calculator?

Even if you are very diligent about complying with GDPR regulations at your company and require your staff to follow certain procedures, it still may not be enough. It only takes the momentary inattention of one employee for a major data leak to occur. For example, someone clicks on an email link from a phishing campaign or leaves a post-it note with access data in plain sight.

So be prepared that - despite a number of protective measures - a GDPR incident could affect your company in the future.

How do you estimate your GDPR risk to find out what penalty you would face for non-compliance with data protection regulations? Our GDPR calculator can help. Just fill it in with a few necessary pieces of information, and you will instantly get a result with the expected amount of the penalty. This will help you better prepare for the potential threat of a personal data breach.

What would be the GDPR penalty amount for your company?

Use the GDPR calculator

Find out how much GDPR penalty your company could face

Use the GDPR  Calculator, our data breach calculator. All you need to do is enter the number of personal data records you process in your company, and you'll get an approximation of your losses due to a data leak!


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