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Be compliant


With our dedicated SaaS solution each company from automotive and industry sector is able to check compliance of any procedures and documents within with NIS 2, TISAX, DORA, GDPR or ISO 27001.

We ensure your business continuity and cybersecurity.



Advanced solution for compliance audit

See what do you gain with Telescope from Sagenso:

comprehensive report

SITO - Sagenso Industry Threat Overwiev

ou will receive a report pinpointing areas where documentation or procedures need supplementation to achieve full compliance with standards and enhance cybersecurity. The report includes specific, detailed recommendations.

SITO (3)
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All necessary regulations

In the scope of our audit, you will find all necessary and up-to-date regulations related to data security and cybersecurity requirements, including NIS 2, TISAX, DORA, ISO 27001, all in accordance with the COBIT standard.


Declarative and Extended Risk Assessment

Depending on the selected package, the risk assessment is presented either declaratively (based on the responses provided in the audit) or with the option to conduct a technology analysis (scanning the infrastructure for vulnerabilities).

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to do list (3)
TO-do list

Recommendations in the form of tasks

A simple interface that allows you not only to understand detailed recommendations but also to efficiently display them as a to-do list and track progress in their implementation in real-time.


Threat Materialization Cost Calculator

With this functionality, you will quickly and efficiently determine why investing in cybersecurity is worthwhile.

ROI calc
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types of audit

Conduct an audit as needed.

By selecting the appropriate package, you can conduct an audit of your organization, as well as subcontractors or business partners. We comprehensively support your needs.


Possibility of Presenting Results

The system allows for the presentation of dedicated reports, audit evidence, an account in the system for the auditor, also showing the "verified" status.

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cyber roadmap
Charting the course to cybersecurity


We outline the proper course of action through the automation of the recommendation and task management process, reminders, the GANTT method, and risk acceptance (established exceptions).

Token-based system,

1 Token equals the ability to conduct one audit within a specific time frame. Details of plans along with the quantity of dedicated tokens can be found in our price list.

Tokens can be purchased in addition to an active license.

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Frequently asked questions


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W jakich językach obsługiwany jest system?

System obsługiwany jest w języku angielskim, hiszpańskim, polskim, czeskim, słowackim oraz węgierskim.

Czy potrzebujemy przeszkolonej osoby do obsługi systemu?

Obsługa systemu Telescope nie wymaga specjalnego szkolenia. Prezentacja treści w systemie została opracowana w taki sposób aby były one czytelne zarówno dla inżynierów jak i dla kadry kierowniczej bez dziedzinowych kompetencji.

Ile kosztuje system, opłata stała czy jednorazowa?

Telescope jest rozliczany w modelu licencyjnym (licencja roczna).

Jak często system jest aktualizowany?

Aktualizacja realizowana jest średnio raz w miesiącu.

Does Telescope solution work for you?

If you run a company, work as an IT Manager or deal with sensitive company data - the answear is yes!