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Fast & accurate  detection of unauthorized file encryption

Recognizing ransomware as the predominant threat to our customers, we have enhanced our solution with AI algorithms designed to minimize consequences of this particular risk.

How does it work? Log in into your Telescope account and check Ransom SpAI!

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Why do you gain when you use Ransom SpAI?

We offer you a brand new solution with AI algorithms designed to minimize consequences of this ransomware attack risk. Traditional security measures are often ineffective against zero-day ransomware variants, as they primarily defend against known threats. Our solution detects ransomware post-execution by monitoring computing resources usage in real-time. This enables our technology to identify and stop attacks from unknown ransomware, safeguarding organizational data before encryption. Our Next-Gen Ransomware Defense provides continuous surveillance with lightweight software on each machine, advanced AI detection capabilities trained on a vast array of attack data, and centralized control through our Telescope system.  

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AI algorithm


Detecting Zero-Day Ransomware threats


Guards organisational data against encryption


Continuous surveillance


Centralized control through Telescope system

How does it work?


Ransomware threat

Ransomware is the predominant threat nowadays. The ransom extorted by hackers averages several hundred thousand euro. Self-recovery of data, even when possible, typically takes up to a month, which is why many companies opt to pay the ransom in order to get back on track more quickly.

Automotive sector is also exposed to attacks of that kind. AI algorithms support minimizing consequences of them. 

With Ransom SpAI you can feel safe and get a full protection against risks.

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