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Calculate the profitability of your investment in cyber security

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Investing in cyber security can be associated with large expenses. For this reason, some companies postpone dealing with the subject indefinitely, thinking that "it will be fine". Unfortunately: companies that save on IT security are taking a huge risk. They can easily become victims of cyber attacks, which usually generate much higher costs than the investment in IT security. So they have to expect, among other things, to have to pay a high ransom to regain access to encrypted data. According to research, in 2021. 22% of Polish companies that experienced such an attack suffered ransom costs of between PLN 2.8 million and even PLN 5.8 million!

*data: Sophos study – State of Ransomware 2022


Cyber security - which solution to choose?

The market today offers several effective solutions with which companies can increase the security of their data:

  • One of them is to employ an in-house specialist to take care of the ongoing development and maintenance of the security of the IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a specialist experienced in this area on the labour market today - due to the shortage of such experts, this task requires a lot of effort and patience from recruiters.
  • A second popular, albeit costly, solution is to use the services of a Security Operations Centre (SOC), an external team of professionals dedicated solely to the creation and implementation of cyber security procedures and early detection of threats.
  • A cost-effective alternative to the above options is a product that combines all the most important functions of these solutions and, in addition, through the use of advanced technology, automates the costly work of many specialists. This solution is the innovative CyberStudio system, developed by Sagenso experts. Find out more about this solution below.


Meet CyberStudio: our advanced 24/7 cyber threat monitoring system

CyberStudio is a tool that makes it easy for companies to maintain the highest level of protection against the threats that lurk in cyberspace. The system not only automates the process of detecting cyber attacks, but above all, it eliminates them in real time!

CyberStudio means:


Cost-competitive investment

Group (2)

24/7 protection of your company against threats

Group (3)

Convenient, continuous reporting


No need to hire additional specialists

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